Kim Wedman

Kim Wedman, EEMAP, BA, LMT, NCTMB, licensed massage therapist, has worked with the Body’s Energies for 30 years as a Yoga instructor, EMT, Massage therapist, Hakomi practitioner and certified Advanced Energy Medicine practitioner. Kim also serves as a charter faculty member for  Eden Energy Medicine. She teaches the regional foundation classes and also is qualified to teach at any level in the Eden Energy Medicine 4 year program.  Kim is qualified to teach Grid and Regression classes as well as do this advanced work with her clients. .  Kim has developed her work to bring together all of the tools from her experiences.

"To truly become number one you must constantly strive to surpass yourself, not the competition."

For over 25 years, Kim has provided therapeutic massage as a licensed massage therapist.For the last 15 years, Kim has incorporated Energy Medicine as the central framework for her work.

After taking a leave of absence from school to go to India to study with a teacher, Kim earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, and Education (with emphasis in Experiential Education), from University of Colorado.

After college, Kim went to work for a company manufacturing Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment. She was trained as an educational specialist who trained doctors and technicians, across the country, how to use the very new diagnostic procedures with Diagnostic Ultrasound. She was on the front-line of this revolutionary imaging tool and learned transverse anatomy which was a great segue into the progression of her healing career. 

Kim married in 1976 and life took a new turn, away from the corporate world, back to the natural world which she loved. During that time, Kim worked on a Ropes course inspiring middle school-aged children to problem solve out in nature and work within a group.

She then went on and formally studied massage therapy, became licensed and provided therapeutic massage in a chiropractor’s office for 12 years. Kim also trained in Hakomi, a Body-Centered therapy.

Since 1992, Kim has traveled, studied and taught with Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine. She has the unique privilege of being personally trained by Donna. Throughout her travels nationally and internationally with Donna, Kim is one of a select few called on to balance her. “A privilege and honor” is one description Kim uses for being able to work with clients to help them bring their bodies into greater balance and harmony. She has been in private practice in the Midwest for nearly 15 years. 

Kim Teaching
"Heaven Rushing In Exercise" Encinitas Foundations Class 2014

"After learning that my kidney transplant was in failure and my blood pressure was sky high, I found an “angel” named Kim Wedman.  Not only did Kim perform Energy Medicine on me, she also taught me how to maintain the proper balances on my own at home utilizing exercises that she taught me in our sessions together.   I am proud to say that after a year of incorporating Energy Medicine into my life, I have maintained the 40% usage of my kidney without any loss of function.  As far as my blood pressure, I was taking 8 blood pressure pills a day and still experiencing difficulty before I met Kim and now I only need 2 pills a day and sometimes that is too much.  Not only do I feel better, I have more energy than I have had in years.  I strongly recommend Kim and Energy Medicine to anyone, whether you are experiencing health issues or just looking for a better quality of life."  -Pat Linsenbardt

Kim's Studies Include:


  • Eden Energy Medicine

  • Energy Medicine for Women

  • Hakomi Body-Centered Therapy

  • Sports Massage

  • Connective Tissue Manipulation and Myofascia Release

  • Massage Therapy

  • Reiki

  • Qualified EEM Grid and Regression practitioner


Trained in all four categories of Diagnostic Ultrasound including Echoencephlography, Obstetrics and Gyn, Abodominal and Cardiac.

“Science of Intuition” (with Carolyn Myss and Norm Shealy)

Kim holds National licenses with the National Board of MassageTherapy and Body Workers (license #008643-00) and State certification in Missouri (#2001027300).

Kim Wedman, EEMCP, BA, LMT, NCTMB, has incorporated Donna Eden's Energy Medicine as the central framework for her energy and bodywork for 20 years.  Since 1992, Kim has traveled, studied and taught with Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Women.  Through out her travels nationally and internationally, she has been sponsored and invited by EEM to teach at every level of the on their on going 4 year program. She is currently involved in leading two foundation classes in Missouri, and California, and was part of the charter faculty  member sponsoring  month long EEM Foundations programs at the Omega Institute in New York. She also is currently mentoring grid students, the 4th and most advanced work of the EEM Programs.

Kim Wedman and Titanya Dahlin in Oxford, England